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About me

Daniel Cheong


Daniel C.


Brought up in the tradition of film photography, cameras have been a part of my life since I was 8 years old. A native of Malaysia, I was literally raised in the darkroom by my uncle. Understanding the fundamentals of working with light, shadow, depth of field were essential before ever picking up a camera. As an adult I further honed my talents in fashion and portrait photography. Today, I have taken the discipline I have learned working in film and translated it into digital excellence. For me, photography is a venue for exploration, a venue that is only limited by imagination of the explorer. My quest is true beauty, in all of its infinite timelessness.


My trademarks include thoroughly constructed couples and beauty portraits, dramatic use of ambient and artificial light, sumptuously crafted detail shots, and impeccably creative composition. I specializes in quickly assessing and executing a vision that speaks to truth of the subject and the moment, and then fading into the background to practice a very special style of "visible invisibility" that allows me to document the magic of special interactions without disrupting them.



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